1995 ZR-1 #418

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                    VEHICLE OVERVIEW

                    1995 PRODUCTION DATA


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Chassis DynoJet results, September 30, 2004   Kellogg ID, elevation= 2310 ft.
SAE @ 6500rpm

376.1 RWHP........................~440 HP @ crankshaft
  341.3 RWT.......................~400 ft/ lbs T @ crankshaft

                    ZR-1 "KING OF THE HILL"

      ZR-1's were produced from 1990 to 1995. General Motors built a total of 6,939 during the 6 year run. The first year 1990, GM built 3,049 ZR-1's, in 1991 they built 2,044, in 1992 502, and from 1993 to 1995 448 cars were built each year. The 1990 - 1992 ZR-1's were rated at 375hp, the 1993 - 1995's were rated at 405hp. The '95 was the most option-laden, highest net horsepower of any Corvette ever built. The cars hold fanfare to this day as witness to the after market autoparts, endorsements, models, posters, books, clothing, jewelry, and games etc. New ZR-1 items constantly appear on the market today, 17 years after its world records.

      The option, RPOZR1, with dual removable roof panels was $32,208 above the base sticker price, the ZR-1 totaled for $69,553 in 1995. There were $150,000 race cars which could not compete performance wise or in price. The '95 was the most refined of the ZR-1's, the potential for future appreciation is high due to the low production numbers, higher horsepower, and last year of production, its legendary history assures its collectability and appreciation in the years to come.

      On the average, a stock ZR-1 will do 1/4 mile times around 12.9 sec @ 100mph and 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. On March 1st & 2nd, 1990, Tommy Morrison set 3 WORLD and 12 INTERNATIONAL speed records with a right-off-the assembly line ZR-1 at a test track in Fort Stockton, Texas. With this record run these drivers made their mark in the history of motor sports; John Heinricy, Scott Lagasse, Jim Minneker, Don Knowles, Stuart Hayner, Scott Allman, Kim Baker. and team owner Tommy Morrison. To this day the 24 hour endurance record still holds at an average speed of 175.885mph for a production car. This is comparable to 10 back-to-back Indianapolis 500's. With speeds in excess of 180mph the nickname "King of the Hill" was forever burned into the annals of motor sports.

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The above left picture is the "left" Dunn head casting number off #418, the right hand picture shows the "right" Dunn head casting number, for the record.