Cardinal II C-177B

"VGs" by MICRO AERODYNAMICS: A total of 108 of the small metal blade vortex generators are attached to the upper wing surface, 40 are mounted bilaterally on the vertical stabilator, and 32 to the underside of the horizontal stabilator.
BOSE HEADSETS: Deliver unmatched full-spectrum noise reduction, comfortable fit and clearer sound.
MONARCH PREMIUM FUEL CELL CAPS: Superior to stock Cessna raised caps especially in the ability to keep water out of fuel.
PRECISE FLIGHT PULSELITE SYSTEM: A single toggle switch on the console activates alternately flashing taxi & landing lights 45 times per minute.
SKYBOLT STAINLESS STEEL COWL FASTENERS: 1/4 turn cowl fasteners that WILL NOT vibrate loose like stock screws.
S-TEC AUTOPILOT w/ ALTITUDE HOLD: The most important upgrade to safe flying is the magnificent situational awareness provided by the top-line avionics package including the S-TEC with altitude hold and yolk-mounted controls.
1976 cessna cardinal               cessna cardinal

Mico Aerodynamics Vortex Generators                             Wing Vortex Generators

1976 cessna cardinal 2               cessna 177B

Rudder Vortex Generators

1976 cessna cardinal II               cessna cardinal

Stabilator Vortex Generators                                     Bose Headsets

1976 cessna cardinal two               cardinal 177

Skybolt Stainless Cowl Fasteners                                   Skybolts - Side Cowl

cessna cardinal 2               c-177

Monarch Ratcheting Fuel Cell Covers

cessna cardinal II               cessna cardinal 2

S-TEC 30 Autopilot w/ Alt. Hold                                 Precise Flight Pulselite System

cessna cardinal two               cessna cardinal two

Flight Pulselite System


Probably the single most important speed modification was the installation of "Fancy Pants" to aerodynamically cover the nose strut and scissor assembly. Other speed modifications include exhaust fairing, upper and lower tail fairings, and bolt fairings.
cardinal II               cardinal

"Fancy Pants"                                       Left & Right Bolt Covers

cardinal 2               cessna 177

"Fancy Pants"                                       Exhaust Port Fairing

cardinal two               cardinal for sale

Lower Tail Fairing                                           Upper Tail Fairing

Stock engine: normally-aspirated, direct-drive, air-cooled, horizontally-opposed, carburetor equipped, 4-cylinder with 361 displacement. 180 rated BHP @ 2700 RPM. In addition, "Tuned Exhaust Headers" by Power Flow Systems, Inc. have been installed. Headers increase airspeed by ~ 7kts (constant speed) and climb capability by 125 feet per minute over stock. The Tanis engine preheater is the only system that directly heats the cylinder head and the oil.
cessna               cessna cardinal for sale

Engine Top View                                       Engine Left Side

cessna cardinal               cessna cardinal 177B for sale

Engine Right Side                                       Tanis Engine Preheater

cardinal II               c-177 for sale

Power Flow Systems "Tuned Exhaust Headers"