MARCH 5, 1997                                                       "WILD DOG of the NORTH"                                                       May 22, 2006

    Dogs which descended from Spanish land spaniels that set game birds for the sportsmen's nets had been known in Britain since the 14th century, hence the name setter. In 1825 Edward Laverack (1797-1877) of Shorpshire began a program of selective breeding to standardize these dogs and is generally credited with the development of the modern English Setter. He bred many excellent specimens of the "show" type, and it was from this stock that another noted Englishman, R.L. Purcell Llewellin, produced the so-called Llewellin strain which would do well in the "field". These two breeders are credited with developing the elegant gundog that became known as the English Setter. Today, the name "Laverack" is still used to denote show-type English Setters, and the term "Llewellin" is applied to the field type bred exclusively for hunting. The breed was well established in Britain and overseas before 1900.
    This is a handsome, affectionate breed with markings and coloring as follows; White ground color with intermingling of darker hairs resulting in belton markings varying in degree from clear distinct flecking to roan shading, but flecked all over preferred. Head and ear patches acceptable, heavy patches of color on the body undesirable. Colors: orange belton, blue belton (white with black or orange markings), tricolor (blue belton with tan on muzzle, over the eyes and on the front legs), and lemon or liver belton (variable shades of orange beltons). The coat is straight and flat with feathering on ears, chest, legs, underbody and tail, but this should not be excessive. It needs regular brushing and some trimming to shape the feathering and neaten the outline. Average height for males is 25 inches at the shoulder; females stand 1 inch less. The breed makes a kind-tempered family pet.


    Targhee was a Laverack or "show" type blue belton English setter. He was bred & Co-bred by Maewood and Avatar English Setters repectfully, a member of The Keep Litter born 3/5/97. Targhee's pick-up was arranged in Boise ID on May 25th '97 at 11 weeks of age. He made the night drive without incident to his new home, asleep in the back of the '88 Corvette. These pics are from '97 through Winter of '98, click on them for larger images; check out the slide show.

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Targhee's First Picture



TARGHEE   1998-2004
    These pics as well as the others are in relative chronological order. There are additional pics located in the slide shows, note- two slide shows here...

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