Targhee's adventures brought him to many places and he met many people. His hikes have taken him to most trail heads within the Bitterrroot Valley of MT, as well as the Bob Marshall, Great Bear, Mission Mtns, Scapegoat, Selway-Bitterroot, and Grizzly Bear Wilderness Complexes. He also spent days exploring Glacier National Park. He loved canoe trips and had visited many lakes including: Bowman, Como, Holland, Hungry Horse, Kintla, Lindbergh, Placid, and Seeley Lakes within MT. His travels had brought him to CA, ID, MT, UT, WA, and WY.
    Targhee's brush with fame happened in Sun Valley where Arnold Schwarzenegger asked "What kind of dog is this?" Besides having met many close friends, family, co-workers, and Northern Division Masters Racers, there were noteables who traveled the distance to meet Targhee in person, namely: Tom & Pam, Mark & Carla, MaryKay & Gary, Don & Annie, Dee & Don, Neighbor, Ali, John, and Steve Strickland. Targhee met numerous international cardiac surgeons through his ties with the IHI of MT, to include: Jerome Jouan, Alex Degandt, Erwan, Christelle, Nais, and Toinon Flecher, Thomas, Clotilde, and Wandrille Joudinaud, all from France. Wolfgang Goetz of Germany and Filip & Eva Pekar from Slovakia and Akira, Meiko and Eri Matsunaga from Japan and Hou-Sen and Khee Hiang from Singapore were favorites. Jorge Solis and Jose Lopez both from Spain shared a canoeing experience with Targhee.
    Targhee joined into various activities such as parades, car shows, Thanksgiving dinners and all around play with the kids. These are just a few of the people, places, and things that Targhee experienced in his life.

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    The "Targhee Tree". The Targhee Tree is located at the top of the Grizzly Chairlift (7,000 foot elevation) at Snowbowl, Montana. The tree was so named in Targhee's honor by Tom Melhuse, a long time pal and local ski racer/coach/instructor & artist. Tom says the top of the tree always reminds him of Targhee's head with his famous wind-blown hairdo!




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    Targhee was short changed in life. He died of chronic renal failure which we believe may have been attributed to the tainted wheat gluten that many U.S. "Top of the Line- Natural" pet food companies imported to mix into their food products. The Chinese imports where not listed in the food content table. We only fed Targhee the best natural foods available and for that reason we never thought we were in reality poisoning him. This came to light late in 2006 and early 2007, many articles are available on the subject, to quote one: "The mystery of how two chemicals that are considered non-toxic poisoned so many pets may have been solved, CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes reports. The breakthrough was made at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada when scientist Perry Martos mixed together a few drops of melamine and cyanuric acid, the two unauthorized chemicals found in tainted pet food. In less than a second, they formed a mass of crystals nearly identical to crystals found in the kidneys of sickened animals." "If you can imagine an instantaneous kidney stone-that's essentially the way I would perceive it," says Martos.
    Having access to laboratory services, Targhee had blood tests monitored on a regular basis, was administered I.V. and subQ fluids and was fed a special low protein diet. In spite of the care provided he survived less than 3 months from his diagnosis.

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Targhee's Last Stand

    Targhee was cremated on 5/22/06 and his ashes are to be spread over his many haunts....


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